How do I subscribe to a Private Podcast?

You can subscribe to a Private Podcast in 4 easy steps. Yay! See a video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

How to Subscribe?

1. Search in your mailbox. use the subject line, "Your audio access: <Title of the Podcast>", to search for the email we have sent.

2. Get your unique link. You will find your unique podcast link in the email. If you don't find it, please send us an email by clicking the chat button on this page or emailing [email protected] and we can send your unique link to access the private podcast.

3.  Choose your Podcast app. Once you click your unique link you will see several options for subscribing to the podcast. If your podcast app isn't listed, you can add the RSS feed to the app. For example, if you use Podbean you can add an RSS feed. Watch a video on how to do it here.

If you want to listen using your PC, make sure to choose the Google Podcast option. 

2c310a855fc16bb53571a8f62a12cccb.png4. Click the Subscribe button. This is what it looks like when you choose Google podcast.


Where Do You Find the Private Podcast?

For most apps, you'll see the podcasts you've subscribed to in your podcast app.

Apple Podcasts: Click on "library" and you'll see a list of podcasts you're subscribed to. Tap the icon for the private podcast and start listening!

Google Podcasts: To find the private podcast to listen to at a later time, you can see all the podcasts you've added to Google here:

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Subscribe to a Private Podcast Below